Memorial of Elvira Fisher

August 20, 2006

My prayers and love are with you Donna and your family. I am always here for you, even though we are miles apart.


August 17, 2006
It so hard to try to express the overwhelming mixture of emotions when looking at these pictures - It is such a deep loss for myself, such as my relationship with Elvira was one of a 'Surrogate Mom" as well. Losing Karin, my mom, a year ago made ift even harder to lose Elvira as well. But my little boy said to me the other day when I was in tears, missing them both "Mama, don't cry, she's in heaven playing with the little girl & boy angels" and that coming from my 4 year old makes me feel better - They are now, themselves, the new little children in heaven on their first birthdays. How truly blessed i am to have been graced by her presence & her neverending love. You guys are lucky to have had Elvira to call your Mother. All the Best in Love to each of you, Sincerely, Kathleen

Kathleen Noble

August 16, 2006
Happy Birthday Mom
Sometimes we have to let go of the ones we never want to lose
But in this case it was in God's hands and not for me to choose
The tears would run down my face to the thought of this day
The day you'd go and be with the angels and be so far away

But then I came to realize from the bottom of my heart
Nothing has ever gotten between us and has ever torn us apart
You are still deep inside me I can still feel you there
Now you are with everyone and you can be everywhere

I know now that you are happy and not sick in any way
But the thought of you passing beside me happens each and every day
I know you know we love you
And I know you love us too
It's just going to take some time for us to make it through

You've brought our family so close together
As I felt us fall apart
Don't ever think we've forgotten you
You are forever in our hearts

Love, Steve

August 17, 2006
Very nice tribute. Thanks for sharing. :)

Dwight Christensen

August 8, 2006
What a gift from God this woman was to us all.
Till we meet again in glory, she'll be dearly missed.

Brett Footer (nephew)
Abilene, TX

July 5, 2006
Obituary in Miles City Star
Elvira LuAnn Fisher

Elvira LuAnn Fisher, 68, of Cupertino, Calif., former Miles City resident, died Wednesday, May 31, 2006, on the way to a doctor’s appointment from an apparent respiratory/cardiac arrest.

Mrs. Fisher was born Aug. 16, 1937, to Earlon and Hilda Fisher in Miles City. She attended Custer County High School, graduating in 1956. In school she was active in marching band and edited the school paper “The Branding Iron.” She attended her 50-year high school reunion just nine months ago in September.
She began her married life in 1957 and began her homemaker/mothering career on Dec. 14, 1958, with the birth of the couple’s first child.

Mrs. Fisher was a stay-at-home mom, giving up her opportunity to continue college/career goals. She lived in New York state after her husband, Duane, graduated from Montana State University and then moved to Cupertino where the family had lived the past 40 years.

Mrs. Fisher was an awsome mother, sister and friend to many. She continued her education late in life earning an associate arts degree at the local junior college.
Her survivors include her ex-husband, Duane; her daughters, Rosanne Hofland and Donna Bretzke; her sons, Mel, Richard and Steve Bretzke; her grandchildren, Wendy, Alison, Sarah, Heather, Jessica, Luann, Anthony, Deborah, Zachary, Jacob, Danny and Alan, all in the Bay Area in California.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her sister, Eleanor; and her oldest child, Maribeth.

A Funeral Service will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 9, 2006, at the Crossroads Bible Church in San Jose, Calif. Inurnment will be in the Custer County Cemetery in Miles City.

July 1, 2006
Hi Mom, This web site is so cool. You would be so impressed with Steve making it. I sure do miss you. I am realizing each day how great it was that we've been living here together the past eight years. Jessica and I got to know you so well and we had such great times together. Don't you worry about us. We will be fine! You have shown me how to give sacrificially to those I love and I am so greatful for the Christian love you showed us. You truly have a legacy which you spent so much energy and time creating. As one of your children, I feel so blessed that God gave me the gift of you as a mom. Love you so much, Rosanne
Rosanne Hofland (Cupertino, CA)

June 11, 2006
I love you Mom. Thank you for all you did for me and making me the person I am today. I'll always cherish our memories.
Steve Bretzke (Union City, CA )

Goodbye, Aunt Beany. I love you and will miss you. I have many fond memories of
you. I'm sad I wasn't able to tell you goodbye, so this is how I will say goodbye :-(.
I'm so glad my Mom was able to see you and visit with you before you went to
heaven. God is so good to us.
        Laurie  (Billings, MT)


Thank you so much for letting me know.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or the family.  I will keep you all lifted in prayer.  May God bless you with His presence, joy and peace.  In Christ, Michelle

My heart is aching to hear of the loss of my dear friend Elvira and your mom and grandma. She so dearly loved her family, children and grand kids. She lived for all of you, I have always so admired her for her abundant love.  Rosanne, my deepest condolences go out to you and your family. 
I love to say hello and good bye to my dear, dear friend Elvira.
God bless you and your family,
Anne Pattee

I am so sorry to hear about Elvira passing away, but in turn I'm so glad
she came up to see me last summer. Seems like it has been longer
than that and always thought I would go to the Lord long before she or
any of you kids went.  She was so full of energy when she was here;
wanting to go everywhere but she slept a lot, which I thought was her
diabetes. Bless you all and may you find comfort in knowing she is at
peace now.
Mildred Cory

Rosanne,  Don just brought me your e-mail - maybe it is shock but we can't get it
through our heads -  It reminds me of how she described what happened to
Maribeth.  Today is her Anniversary?  It is also ours.  I just cannot imagine her
vibrant spirit gone - let us know - we were waiting for her visit. Jean Bohn

Hi Rosanne,
Wendy called me this afternoon and we shared some
tears. Your care of her will bring you many blessings.  Thank
you for keeping me in mind too.  Your mom was sooo
special, I know she had the express elevator to Heaven and
didn't deserve or want a prolonged death.  She, Maribeth &
other family members have a front row seat at the wedding.
 Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to
help you all. Prayers are a given but not for her but the rest
of you.  Love to all.  Nancy Thorman

Rosanne, how my heart goes out to you.  I know your mother was very dear to
you and it is certain that you were dear to her!  She is no longer suffering.  Her
breathing is clear and she has 20/20 vision.  She was a courageous lady, and we
did love her.  It meant a lot to us that she made the effort to visit us here in CA.  I
mentioned to Laurie that I could imagine my husband, Lee, meeting her and
showing her around heaven.  Lee has been there one year, June 2, so he might
have joined your grand parents in a joyous welcome.  I just pray that the Lord will
abundantly comfort each member of the family.  You have my heartfelt sympathy!
Lavonne  Speakman (Billings, MT)

I am sad to hear about Elvira.  I passed your news on to my mom, Wana, and I think she
will be in touch with you.  So sorry for your loss...
 Wana's daughter Elizabeth (relatives in Montana)

June 8, 2006
Our love and prayers are with your family in the loss of a wonderful lady. She brightened many lives she touched with God's love. What a light she was to those around her. We will miss her and her smile and laugh. Our Love and Prayers,
Jane Viscidy (El Dorado Hills, CA )

June 7, 2006
My most sincere sympathy to all members of Elvira's family. She was a truly kind and loving person and I know that you will all miss her. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers.

Suzanne Cisneros (Rivers)
Suzanne Cisneros (Santa Clara, CA )

June 7, 2006
Dear Elvira, Our family always believed that you were a stellar human being. Heaven shines a brighter today.

Your family and those who miss and love you will be in our prayers.

Pray for us.

With love,
Marylu Cisneros-Peceli (Sacramento, CA )

Eulogy from Memorial Service:

Elvira LuAnn Fisher was the first of three daughters born to Earlon & Hilda Fisher on the 16th of August, 1937 in Jordan, MT.  Growing up in Montana, Elvira was a “bean pole” of a girl.  That’s why she is affectionately referred to as Aunt Beany by her sister, niece and nephews.  Her daddy Earlon worked constructing roads for the state of Montana, which kept him away from home on many occasions.  During this time, Elvira and her mother Hilda shared many activities such as reading, putting together puzzles, and stacking pennies.  A childhood illness limited Elvira’s participation in outdoors activities and this is where here love of books, games, and current events was developed.

Elvira was baptized along with her sister Eleanore and her daddy Earlon on  April 10, 1949 at the First Baptist Church in Miles City, MT. Their faith in God strengthened their family during times of hope and crisis.  This faith was tested when Elivra’s little sister Eleanore died at age ten of polio in 1949.  Elvira worked at being the “perfect daughter” to help make up for the great loss her parents experienced.

Elvira went on to excel in academics, If you’ve ever read one of her Christmas letters you know of her eloquence in writing.  Elvira was the editor of the Custer County High School newspaper, The Branding Iron

Upon graduating high school, Elvira attended Ottowa State University in Kansas.  It seems that a certain someone wanted her back in Montana, so after one year she transferred to Montana State University.  It didn’t take long for the romance to blossom and she married Duane Bretzke in June, 1957.   For summer employment, they ran a drive–in movie theater in Osborne, ID living on the premises.   Now they found themselves as college students and on their way to starting a family.  Their daughter Maribeth was born Dec. 14th, 1958 in Bozeman, MT.    As first of six, Maribeth was a wonderful introduction to parenthood. 

Duane graduated from MSU in 1959 and took a job with IBM in Endicott, New York. 
Their second daughter Rosanne was born in 1960.  Three years later Duane was transferred to Poughkeepsie, NY, where 2 sons, Mel and Richard were added to the family in 1963 and 1965.  In June, 1966 Duane accepted a position at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, CA and the family moved to California and settled in Cupertino, where 2 more children; Steve and Donna were born in 1971 and 1973 completing the family.

Elvira delighted in being a stay-at-home mom and taxi service for her children.  She had a radiant spirit and infectious smile.  Her faith in God was a part of the fabric of who she was.  She modeled a life that shared her faith with her children and grandchildren.  Her deep love for her children was revealed through her countless efforts to bring joy into their lives during beach trips, birthday parties, holidays, barbeques and much more.  She was the Ever-ready Energizer Grandma. She kept on giving and giving and giving.  She became involved here at Crossroads with the Love Inc. program and put in countless hours caring for those in need.

Fortunately Elvira was able to attend her 50th year class reunion in Miles City just this past September.  She saw many friends and relatives who meant so very much to her.  Elvira would have turned 69 this August.  She is survived by her sister Donna who lives in Billings, MT, her children; Rosanne, Mel, Rich, Steve and Donna, her niece Laurie, two nephews; Jeff and Brett and 12 grandchildren.  She is preceeded in death by her parents, her sister Eleanore and oldest daughter, Maribeth.