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Frederick Bretzke Family

Frederick Bretzke
Born: Feb 27, 1837
Dorenthal, Mensquth, Ortelsburg, Germany
Died: Feb 17, 1905
Stevenspoint, Wisconsin

Augusta Brown
Born: 1841 Germany

Juliaes Bretzke 1863 Germany
Bertha Bretzke 1865 Germany
August Bretzke 1868 WI
John Bretzke 1869 WI
Mich Bretzke 1871 WI
Emily Ruth Bretzke 1874 WI


Children of Frederick

Juliaes Bretzke



Bertha Bretzke




August Bretzke



John Bretzke





Mich Bretzke





Emily Ruth Bretzke

Born: June 17, 1874
Stevenspoint, WI
Died: August 30, 1922
Norwalk, CA

David Alva Hopkins 1872
Married: Sep 16, 1912

Edward Parker 1870




Blazen of Arms

Argent; three stars gules, placed two and one.

Argent (white or silver) signifies Peace and Sincerity. Gules (red denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. It is also the "martyr's colour". Stars represent Constancy in Service to the King.



Three ostrich plumes argent. Ostrich plumes denote Nobility.