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Johann Bretzke Family

Born: September 22, 1820 (1788-1852)
Alt Storkow, Pomerania, (now Poland)

Dorothea Louise Hellern

Auguste Louise Bretzke
Ludwig Ferdinand Bretzke
Ernst Friedrich Bretzke
Dorothea Louise Bretzke

I have noticed there are inconsistencies with the records for this family and welcome any information to clarify this family history.


Parents of Johann

Father: Wilhelm Bretzke
Born: 1761
Died: Nov, 21 1831
Alt Storkow
Mother: Henrietta Ladewich


Father: Georg David Bretzke
Born: 1762
Mother: Anna Dorthea Wegener
Born: 1766




Children of Johann

Auguste Louise (Bretzke) Hoeft

Born: October 20, 1814
Husband: Johann Friedrich Hoeft

Carl Hoeft
came to Maine Prairie Township, Stearns County, Minnesota
Wife: Auguste Tobel

Ludwig Ferdinand Bretzke

Born: August 27, 1816

Ernst Friedrich Bretzke

Born: September 22, 1820
Alt Storkow, Pomerania, (now Poland)
Died: May 5, 1900
Kimball Cemetery, Kimball, Stearns County Minnesota

Married May 12, 1843
Charlotte M Bretzke geb Muller
Born: February 22, 1824
Died: June 16, 1894
Kimball Cemetery, Stearns County, Minnesota

Wilhelm August
Herman Paul


Dorothea Louise Bretzke

Born: December 13, 1822
Pommerian, Prussia




I would like to build a Bretzke Family tree and encourage all Bretzkes around the world to please send information that would add to our family history.

Blazen of Arms

Argent; three stars gules, placed two and one.

Argent (white or silver) signifies Peace and Sincerity. Gules (red denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. It is also the "martyr's colour". Stars represent Constancy in Service to the King.



Three ostrich plumes argent. Ostrich plumes denote Nobility.