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Karl Ludwig Eduard Bretzke Family

Karl Ludwig Eduard Bretzke
Born: September 29, 1856
Stargard, Pommern, Germany
(Formerly Kingdom of Prussia)
Died: April 16, 1924
Seattle, King County, Washington
Place of burial:
Winneconne, Winnebago Cemetery, WI
Immigrated from Hamburg to New York
Arrived Jan 27 1883, on the ship, Frisia
Obituary (new from Jack)

Johanna Hermiene Rosalie Witte
Born: June 15, 1859
Died: June 22, 1910
Winneconne, WI
Immigrated: 1882

Willy Arthur Hugo Bretzke
Elizabeth Bretzke
Hermina Bretzke
Elsie Bretzke
Mark Paul Julius Bretzke
Anna Bretzke
Louis (Ludwig) Ernest August Bretzke
Bertha Ida Bretzke

Lizzie, Lou, and Elsie (1965)

Bertha Family (1955) enlargement

Minnie and family (1937)

Christmas Letter from Karl's Brother in Stargard, Prussia, December 27, 1923

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Christmas Letter Page 1
Christmas Letter Page 2


Ludwig Bretzke Obituary
Seattle, Washington, King County

Ludwig Bretzke was born 29th Sept,1856 in Stargard, Pomerenia,Germany. He was married to Hermina Witte. He came to this country in 1883 and lived in Winneconne. He joined St John's Lutheran Church and was a charter St Paul's Lutheran Church. In 1887 he moved to Wakefield, Mich., in 1889 he went to Glasgow, Mont., in 1897 he returned to Winneconne, in 1907 he returned to Glasgow, Mont. In 1919 he went to Seattle, Wash, and lived with his married daughter, Elsie. His wife died 22 June 1910. His marriage was blessed with ten childern, two of which preceded him in death. He took sick 27th March with influenza after which pneumonia set in which his death 16th April at 5:15 AM. He died at the age of 67 years, 6 months and 17 days. While he lived in Winneconne he was trustee and secret- ary of St Paul's Church. He is survied by eight childern, thirty-six grand-childern, three sisters and a brother-in-law, Adam Lenz. The childern are: Wm and Louis Bretzke and Mrs.Spencer Farrington of Glasgow, Mont.,Mrs. Wallace Kellison, and Mrs. Robert Burns of Sparks, Nev., Mrs. Joseph Hanson, Wash., Paul Bretzke


Children of Karl

Willy Arthur Hugo Bretzke

Born: February 12, 1880
Stargard, Pommern, Germany
Died: February, 1943
Glasgow, Montana

Anna Altmeyer
Born: May 19, 1828
Echternach, Germany
Died: December 17, 1952
Glasgow, Montana

Arthur Sylvester Bretzke
Born: Nov 9, 1905
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Jan 3, 1949

Sylvia Catherine Bretzke
Born: Dec 18, 1907
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: May 29, 1992
Married: Sept 31, 1928
Mike Heikens

Lawrence Edward Bretzke
Born: Feb 5, 1909
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Oct 30, 1961
Married: Jan 5, 1935
Genova Iola Bellar

Anna Gertrude Bretzke
Born: 1910
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Married: June 22, 1929
John Heikens

William Sylvarius Bretzke
Born: Dec 28, 1911
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Dec 1983

Celestine Marie Bretzke
Born: 1913
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Married: April 20, 1935
Fred Heikens

Rosalia Lorraine Bretzke
Born: 1916
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Married: Oct 20, 1935
Emery Delos Uphaus

Richard Ambrose Bretzke
Born: Oct 24, 1917
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Nov 1984
Married: Oct 24, 1945
Hatie Marie Fouts

Frederick James Bretzke
Born: Oct 16, 1918
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Oct 30, 1918

Ronald Mark Bretzke
Born: Apr 19, 1920
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Died: Feb 2, 1943

Florence Patricia Bretzke
Born: 1922
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Married: Apr 14, 1941
Willard Wesley Walker

Shirley Elizabeth Bretzke
Born: 1924
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
Married: Mar 14, 1943
Willard N. Lee

Leo Eugene Bretzke
Born: 1928
Glasgow (Valley County) MT
First Marriage: Oct 8, 1955
Rose Moseley

Second Marriage: April 12, 1980
Bertha Kamrud


Elizabeth Bretzke

Born: June 8, 1881
Stargard, Pommern Germany
Died: September 1977

Wallace Keillson


Hermina Bretzke

Born: June 16, 1884
Died: July, 1960

Robert Burns




Elsie Bretzke

Born: August 11, 1885
Died: July, 1982
Seattle WA

Husband Dec 25, 1909
Joe Hanson


Mark Paul Julius Bretzke

Born: October 25, 1886
Winneconne, Wisconsin
Died: September 15, 1959
Fenton, Michigan

Married Dec 25 1909 in Glasgow, Valley, MT
Eva Maude Stillwell
Born: June 14, 1890
Gaylord, Otsego, MI
Died: 5 April 5, 1986

Paul Ernest Bretzke
Born: 1910
Glasgow, Valley, Mt
Died: Apr 13, 1989
Rockport, Aransas, TX
Wife: Fern B. Smith

Ruth (Bretzke) Barton
Born: Nov 26, 1911
Glasgow, MT.
Died: March 25, 2006
Fenton, MI
Interment: Oakwood Cemetery, Fenton, MI
Husband: Herbert Sears Barton
Married on Dec 25, 1934 in Fenton (Genesee County), MI

Thomas Edward Bretzke
Born: Aug 4, 1913
Swift Current,Sask,Canada
Died: June30, 2003
Benzonia, MI
Benzonia Township Cemetery
Wife: Mary Louse Smith
Born: June 17, 1916
Died: July 31, 2004
Benzonia, MI
Benzonia Township Cemetery

Max Oliver Bretzke
Born: Nov 20, 1917
Swift Current, Sask. Canada
Died: Feb 1983
North Valley Crematory
Red Buff, CA
Wife: Mercedes Millken

David John (Jack) Bretzke
Born: 1929
Wife: Rita M Leggett
Married on July 28, 1951 in Pontiac, MI

(The information about this family was provided by
David John (Jack) Bretzke, son of Mark Paul Juluis Bretzke)


Anna Bretzke

Born: January 6, 1888
Glasgow, Montana
Died: September 9, 1959
Seattle, WA

Spencer Farrington
See photo with horses

Harry G. Farrington
Died: April 30, 2003
See death announcement


Louis (Ludwig) Ernst August Bretzke

Born: August 19, 1891
Glasgow, Montana
Died: December 21, 1978
San Diego, California

Verge-Le Scott
Born: Mar 21, 1894
Bloomington WI
Died: Aug 30, 1981
Norman OK

Lou Enlow Bretzke
Born: Mar 1927
Died: Apr 15, 2017
Santa Ana, CA
Wife: Mildred Barbara A.
Married: June 5 1951
West Point, NY
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V. Dorothy Bretzke
Born: July 1922
Glasgow, MT
Married to J. Dresslar


Bertha Ida Bretzke

(aka Berta, Betty)
Born: December 22, 1897
Glasgow, Montana
Died: 1977

Husband (1915)
Fred Miller

Lois Miller (1916-1999)
Gail Miller (1919-1964)
Geraldine Faye Miller (1921-1964)
Buddy Miller

(The information about this family and the photos on this page were provided by Michelle Temple, daughter of Geraldine Faye Miller)


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