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The earliest accounts of the Bretzke name come from a place once called Stettin, Prussia (Germany) which is now Poland. Many of the Bretzke families around the world once came from this area known as Prussia, Pommerania, Pommern. Other spellings of the name include Brietzke, Breitzke, and Britzke.

Von Britzke Chateau
Photo: Chateau Muenchweiler, near Weiskirchen Grimburg, Kur-Trier south West of Koblenz,Germany. Built after 1750, by Karl Kaspar Count von Britzke, whose only daughter married Karl Emerich Joseph "Zandt von Merl " and this chateau is now in their possession

The earliest known Bretzke is Knight Degenhardt Von Bretzke, 1326 AD
source: Secret Prussian State Archives in West Berlin. They had estates in Mecklenburg, the Altmark, Ückermark, Pommern and Westphalia.

August Wilhelm Von Bretzke
Born: 1764
Place: Koethen, Koethen-Anhalt, Kingdom of Prussia

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Bretzke Australia

Cleveland, Queensland
I met Alan Bretzke and his family when I spent a semester at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. I got to know some of the Bretzke family in Australia while I was there and returned to visit them again in 1997. They are descendants of;

August Bretzke 1838
Minnie Zunker Bretzke 1843
Kason, Germany

Bretzke Brazil 

Heinrich Brietzke 1827
August Friedrich Wilhelm Bretzke 1821
Anna Emma Martha Britzke 1905

Bretzke Alimentos Ltda.
A Brazilian company that started in 1964 by a young couple named Eriberto and Lydia Bretzke .

Bretzke Canada

Henri Bretzke 1932-2011
Greifenberg, Pommern, Germany 

Paul Fredrich Brietzke 1882
Three Hills, Alberta

Bretzke Germany

Peter Bretzke 1766
Martin Brietzke 1810


Bretzke USA

Bretzke Families that immigrated to the US.

Ernst Friederich Bretzke 1820
Charlotte (Mary) Miller 1825
Prussia - Maine Prairie, Stearns County, Minnesota

Karl Ludwig Eduard Bretzke1856
Tohanna Hermiene Rosalie Witte1859
Wisconsin - Montana

Frederick Bretzke 1837
Augusta Brown 1841
Germany - Wisconsin
Arrived New York on board the Str. Hammonia, 1867

Herman Paul Brietzke 1855
Willie Earnest Brietzke 1891

Arrived in New York in 1868:
Friedrich Bretzke 1828
Marie Bretzke 1816
August Bretzke 1849
Carl Bretzke 1851
Wilhelmine 1854
Fritz Bretzke 1854
Wilhelm Bretzke 1856

Arrived in Texas 1853:
Johann John David Bretzke 1798
Wilhelm Bretzke 1827
Martin Brietzke

Other Regions

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Bretzke Photos

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