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Gustave Bretzke Family

Born: Sep 10, 1874
Kimball, MN
Died: Feb 15, 1911
Kimball. MN

Lillian Grace Smith
Born: Aug 27, 1880
Alden, MN
Died: Jan 13, 1968
Dell Rapids, SD
buried in Wilmot, SD

Children of Lillian Grace Smith (Bretzke - Brown)
back row: Lucille, Fannie, and Lela
front row: Hazel and Ralph

Hazel (Bretzke) Roth
Fannie Mae (Bretzke) Ehrmann
Lucille (Bretzke) Aasalnd
Ralph Gustave Bretzke


Ancestors of Gus

Wilhelm Bretzke 1846
Mathilda Schmidt 1851

see large version

Ernst Friederick Bretzke 1822
Charlotte Miller 1825

Great Grandparents:
Johann Bretzke
Dorothea Louise Hellern

Great Great Grandparents:
Wilhelm Bretzke 1761
Henrietta Ladewich


Children of Gus

Hazel Bretzke

Born: April 22, 1901
Wilmot, SD
Died: Jan 17, 1987
Aberdeen, SD
Married on Jul 13, 1929 in Watertown, SD

Henry Lawrence Roth
Born: Apr 9, 1896
Milbank, SD
Died: Jul 19, 1972
Aberdeen, SD
 WWI vet and farmer near Aberdeen, SD

One adopted child:
Thomas Ralph Roth 1947



Fannie Mae Bretzke

Born: Aug 2, 1902
Wilmot, SD
Died: Jun 2004

Albert Ehrmann
Born: 1900
Died: 1984 Aberdeen, SD

Shirley Ehrmann
Born: 1930
Aberdeen, SD
Husband: Rich Christianson
now living in Luverne, MN.  
Children;  Rebecca, Cynthia, David, and Rick.

Barbara Ehrmann
Born: 1940
Aberdeen, SD
Husband: Rich McNellis
now living in Bountiful, UT.  
Children:  Jill and Stacey



Lucille Bretzke

Born: Jun 28, 1910
Wilmot, SD
Died: Jan 1997
Wilmot, SD

Joseph Aasland

Delton Aasland
Born: Jan 31, 1936
Died: May 1998
Yankton, SD
Wife: Sara Danforth
Two children: Eric Aasland and wife Kim
Joseph D. Aasland and wife Betsy 

Charlotte Aasland
Born: 1938
Wilmot, SD
Husband: John Warwar
living in Huntington Beach, CA. John is deceased.  
Children: Nadia (married to Thomas Miller) with two sons, and Nadim


Ralph Gustave Bretzke

Born: July 2, 1905
Wilmot, SD
Barber and Navy Veteran
Died: Dec 14, 1972
Seattle, WA

1st wife: Agnes

2nd wife: Gladys Marie Oas
Born: May 18, 1916 Aberdeen, SD
married Aug 5 1945 Aberdeen, SD
Died: Aug 13, 1990 Aberdeen, SD

Thomas Ralph Roth

3rd wife: Ruth




I would like to build a Bretzke Family tree and encourage all Bretzkes around the world to please send information that would add to our family history.

Blazen of Arms

Argent; three stars gules, placed two and one.

Argent (white or silver) signifies Peace and Sincerity. Gules (red denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. It is also the "martyr's colour". Stars represent Constancy in Service to the King.



Three ostrich plumes argent. Ostrich plumes denote Nobility.