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Thomas Ralph Roth

Born: 1947

Adopted by Henry  and Hazel Roth (maiden name Bretzke, a sister of Ralph Gustave Bretzke).  

Lynne E. L.
from Aberdeen, SD
married on Jan 24, 1969

Currently living in Monument, CO

Stacey L. Roth
Laura S. Roth



Ancestors of Tom Roth

Adoption Parents:
Henry Lawrence Roth 1896
Hazel Bretzke 1901

Birth Parents:
Ralph Gustave Bretzke 1905
Gladys Marie Oas 1916

Gustave Bretzke 1874
Lillian Grace Smith 1880

Great. Grandparents
Wilhelm August Bretzke 1846
Matilda Schmidt 1851

G.G. Grandparents:
Ernst Friederick Bretzke 1822
Charlotte Miller 1825

G.G.G. Grandparents:
Johann Bretzke
Dorothea Louise Hellern

G.G.G.G. Grandparents:
Wilhelm Bretzke 1761
Henrietta Ladewich


Children of Tom

Stacey L. "Roth" Freitag

Born: 1975

Chris Freitag

Living in Denver, CO




Laura S. Roth

Laura S. Roth,
Born: 1977

Living in Denver, CO



Blazen of Arms

Argent; three stars gules, placed two and one.

Argent (white or silver) signifies Peace and Sincerity. Gules (red denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. It is also the "martyr's colour". Stars represent Constancy in Service to the King.



Three ostrich plumes argent. Ostrich plumes denote Nobility.