Mathwig & Arendsee


Fisher family crest

Arendsee Family tree

Christian Arendsee 1775 & Rosine Loffler 1778

Johann Gottlob Arendsee

Birth: 1811-12-09
Death: 1899-02-09

Wife: Johanna Charlotte Gustine Shulze Arendsee,
Born 15 August 1820 in Duehringshof, Brandenburg, Prussia
(now Bogdaniec, Poland)
Died 4 Feb 1887 and is buried in the East Cemetery in Westfield, Marquette,Wisconsin,USA
Johanna parents: Johann F Schulze & Marie Louise Schwann


  • Paul Friedrich Arendsee
  • Otto Arendsee
  • Richard Arendsee
  • Herman Arendsee
  • Martha Arendsee

    Paul Friedrich ArendseePaul Friedrich Arendsee
    Born: Feb 18, 1850
    Died: Dec 20, 1921


Wife: Elizabeth Louise Miller
Born: Jan 24, 1859
Richford, Waushara, WI
Died: Dec 12, 1937
Westfield, Marquette, WI

Elizabeth's Father: Alfred Miller
Born: Oct 12, 1830
Sotto, Mecklengerg, Germany
Died: Dec 14, 1924
Mother: Wilhelmina Bremer
Born: Jan 1, 1833
Died: Nov 11, 1925

Arendsee Cousins
Anna Arendsee

Mathwig Family Tree



Johann Gottlieb
Gottlieb Mathwig
wife: Albertina Wentland


Reinhold Albert Mathwig
Born: Apr 1, 1883
Deutschland, Prussia
Died: Apr 5, 1968
Miles City, Custer, MT

Married: Sept, 20, 1911

Anna ArendseeWife
Anna Arendsee
Born: May, 1884
Wisconsin, MN
Died: Jan 1, 1928
Forsyth, Rosebud, MT



Children of Reinhold and Anna Mathwig
Hilda Mathwig
Walter Mathwig
Arthur Mathwig
Harvey Mathwig

Other spouses of Reinhold
Anna Honora Moore 1885-1954
Elsie Ducello


Hilda Elizabeth Mathwig

Hilda Mathwig
Elivra and Hilda

Born: Apr 29, 1913
Sumatra, Montana
Died: Dec 22, 2000
Billings, MT

Married October 29, 1935
Roundup, MT

Earlon Mason Fisher

Fisher Family
Elvira LuAnn Fisher
Born: August 16, 1937
Died: May 30, 2006
Husband: Duane Richard Bretzke
Married: 1957
Divorced: 1993
6 Children

Eleanore Rae Fisher
Born: September 21, 1939
Died: August 16, 1949
Victim of Polio

Donna Mirriam Fisher
Born: July 17, 1944
First Husband: Gerald Footer
Married: December 28, 1960
3 Children

Walter Elmer Mathwig

Born: July 24,1915
Sumatra, MT
Died: December 12, 1951
Seeley Lake, MT

Married June 4, 1938

Wife: Mary Ann Birky

Lloyd Mathwig 1938
Richard Mathwig 1940

Aurthur Mathwig

Died: 1918


Harvey C. Mathwig

Born: December 2, 1920
Sioux City, Iowa
Died: June 12, 1987
Moline, Illinois

Married June 30, 1945
Ophiem Illinois

WIfe: Sylvia Peterson

Wayne H. Mathwig
Cynthia Mathwig


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